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2019CoolHjerteInner Dolphin and Whale communication in UNITY

Telepathic empathic heart co-creations  New is BUTTERFLY-COMMUNICATION.

SINCE swimming with the wild dolphins by Red Sea in oct. last year a lot has come to an end as

well as new beginnings acure. My intuition is highly expanded and my heartcore, too. The light vessel of co-creation is whole and communicate clearly with Mother earth and her loving animals. I have got new collegues The Dolphins and the Whales. Well, they have been with me all the time, but with this into the real water experience, I am now one of them. Sharing:

Joy, happiness and abundance, wisdomKys

I am so grateful for this opening, the blooming of my lifetime nowFUTURE.

I am still student here and will share along my path, when the call is here.

Metatron/Sandalfon is always showing me the Divine geometric figures to manifest by. It starts with a relationship, being aware and then taking consciously creation steps towards more love and light. Already in peaceful co-existence.

Today on 24 of november I was called to make a lightfield for dolphin and whale energy between denmark, Red Sea and Pacific Ocean. Thank you for this spirit work of Unity.

Look for Events on facebook groups: Fredsbuen(Peace Arch), Fredens lys tændes/spredes(The Light of Peace is lit and spread).

MORE about BUTTERFLY-COMMUNICATION comes her on this website and Soulutionart.

If you love dolphins and want to share your journey then go to my groupsite on fb. SWIMMING WITH DOLPHINSHjerte

HjerteThank you for following this time of expanded pure love and lightness into all that isCool


Swimming with wild Dolphins in Red Sea, oct.2018